Scotland is the cheapest place in the UK to insure a car, at £562 for the average premium.

A study by Consumer Intelligence found that the UK average is now £788, following a 13.5% increase in the past 12 months.The second-lowest area was Wales, at £605, while motorists in London pay £1,177 on average.

Premiums for the under-25 age group increased by 9.4% across the UK to £1,831, while over-50s paid just £348 on average – an increase of 15.3%.The study found that younger drivers are seeing some benefit from telematics – so-called black box technology – which rewards safer driving with lower prices.

“The latest increase in Insurance Premium Tax which takes effect this month (October) as well as rising claims are driving the rise in premiums,” Ian Hughes of Consumer Intelligence said.

“We are seeing a real acceleration in shopping around and all customers need to ensure they are receiving the best value for money from their insurer, which should be easier now as providers need to make it clear what last year’s premium was when they send renewals.”

He added:“Under-25s in particular need to seriously look at black box technology as a way of limiting price rises.”