It is now against the law in Scotland to smoke in a car if there is a child present.

The ban applies to private motor vehicles in public places. It does not apply if the vehicle is designed to be used as living accommodation, such as a mobile home, and the smoking takes place while the vehicle is parked and being used as living accommodation.

If you are found to be smoking in a car with anyone under the age of 18 present, you could be given a fixed penalty of £100 either by the police or by a local authority officer. If you do not pay within 29 days, you could be prosecuted and, if found guilty, given a fine of up to £1,000.

Speaking on BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme, Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell said the point of the law was to change behaviour rather than punish people: “Six months from now, from the point when the legislation goes live, we are seeking there to be no on-the-spot fines so there is a concentration on awareness raising and education across the country.”